Represent industry and non-governmental organizations at meetings of international governing bodies with competence for activities in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ)

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Prepare policy briefing papers and position statements concerning present and emerging policy and legal issues in ABNJ

Global Ocean Consulting, LLC provides research, reporting and analysis for public and private clients with interests in the high seas and deep seabed.

We are not licensed attorneys and we do not PROVIDE legal advice.

None of the information we PROVIDE constitutes legal advice and may not be relied upon as such.

Develop law and policy options for the management of the impacts of anthropogenic underwater noise for projects in coastal areas and the high seas

Member, IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law

Member, Joint Noise Working Group of the Convention on Migratory Species, ACCOBAMS, and ASCOBANS

Past member, World Ocean Council

Advise marine industries on the management of anthropogenic underwater noise in the ocean generated by operational and other activities

Developing global law and policy to manage underwater noise in the ocean

We are developing the Global Ocean Consulting, LLC Noise Management Matrix©, a unique tool to monitor and mitigate global underwater noise pollution in the high seas and deep seabed through a subscription service that will be commercially available to public and private organizations.

Lora L. Nordtvedt Reeve, MS, MBA, JD

Principal and Senior Consultant

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Analyze environmental impact assessments and strategic environmental assessments for projects in ABNJ

Global ocean consulting, LLC provides high seas and deep seabed LAW AND Policy research, reporting and advice.

Report on international, regional and national developments in the law and policy of resource management in ABNJ

Lora L. Nordtvedt Reeve, Principal and Senior International Ocean Law & Policy Consultant at Global Ocean Consulting, LLC, is a highly skilled marine conservationist with experience in international environmental law, marine science and international business.